Rafting on the Bardo Gorge

Spływ Przełomem Bardzkim

The trip leads from the Młynówka station to the marina in Bardo. We cover a 15-kilometer route along a rather calm and wide Nysa.

Paper making workshop

Warsztaty czerpania papieru

The over 400-year-old paper mill in Duszniki is a magical place. When our children were younger, we took part in the local paper making workshops several times.

On a sled to Czarna Hora

Na sanki na Czarną Horę

In the 19th century, on the Czech side of Černá Hora, a 3 km long toboggan run was created. The other day, ladies in long dresses on sledges with ridiculously curled skids used to slide down it.

A real safari

Prawdziwe safari

On the Czech side, be sure to go on … safari. At the ZOO in Dvůr Králové, 40 minutes from Lavender, you can experience a truly exotic adventure.

Monastery of Broumov

Mumie z Broumova

We encourage you to visit the monastery in Broumov. The local library with a gallery running around the entire interior makes an extraordinary impression.

From Zieleniec to Masarykova Chata

Z Zieleńca do Masarykovej Chaty

We recommend you to take a lovely walk from Zieleniec to Masarykova Chata. The path starts above the eastern parking lot and leads up.

Thermal water pool in Wojciech Lądek Zdrój

Basen w Wojciechu Lądek Zdroju

On cooler days, you can go to the swimming pool in the Wojciech sanatorium in Lądek-Zdrój. The marble basin is filled with hot water from the spring. The bath lasts only 30 minutes, but is soothing and perfect for relaxation.